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About Boxing: Uppercut to the jaw

Here's another pic in my "About Boxing" series.

We’re fighting hard, and my opponent’s found, or rather, made,  an opening.  The uppercut’s a great punch to throw in close, and comes in at an angle; some fighters find it very difficult to block.  She can get tremendous power behind the uppercut as well. 


Here, she’s realized that I’m one of those fighters that’s not great at stopping uppercuts, and she’s worked hard to set up the punch—and POW!  In a flash, she snaps her powerful right arm up, passing cleanly between my arms and concentrating all her impressive power right on my chin.  This is the sort of punch that can really do some damage—sometimes even knock a gal out with one punch.  Other times, it can hurt her enough that she’s an easy target for more punches.


When I drew this pic, I was remembering getting hit with a shot like this.  In the actual fight, the blow knocked my head back, and did hurt me enough to slow me dawn, slightly dazed.  And that was all the advantage she needed; she pounded me good for the rest of the round, knocking me down once and giving me a bloody nose.  The following round, she resumed where she had left off, pounding me around the ring until the ref decided that I’d had enough.  I’ve got better at stopping uppercuts since then, but it’s still a weakness of mine—and it was also her best punch—a formula that almost guaranteed that I’d get beat up.


Boxing is always a learning experience, and if you can’t take getting punched out now and then, you’re in the wrong sport.

Please, let me know what you think...

About Boxing: Ready for Backyard Fun

A lot of boxing isn’t done in gyms and stadiums, but for fun, in the back yard.  The goal isn’t necessarily to knock each other out, but to have fun, give and take some punches, and work off some tension—or just enjoy friendly competition.


More often than not, the only noticeable damage will be a bit of red cheeks, or perhaps a lucky punch gives someone a bloody nose, but three or four rounds in the backyard doesn’t really mess someone up too bad.  (A black eye or split lip is also par for the course, but not too common.)  The idea is to have fun, without the serious demolition that occasionally results in a more intense fight.  And bigger gloves are usually worn, 14 to 16 ounce, for the same reason.


It’s good clean fun, good practice, and doesn’t usually result in awkward questions in scholl or elsewhere.  (Like "Who beat you up?".)


Here, Evalyn is ready for some good fun; these might even be 18 ounce gloves—and her punches will still hurt good.  (Wouldn’t be any fun if the blows didn’t hurt..)


Don’t get a black eye…

This is another one of my "About Boxing" series, intended to look at different aspects of the game, from technique to emotions to whatever.


United States
Current Residence: The Boxing Ring
Favourite cartoon character: Wonder Woman

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything new, and it won’t be frequent, for now.  Time has not permitted me to get DAZ and my new computer integrated.  But, there’s pics I’ve not posted, and I’ll post some of them over time.


Likewise, I’ll probably repost a few pics with different captions.  They won’t be part of a series, but stand-alone, each one saying something about boxing, or perhaps offering some insight on techniques, feelings, or the sport in general. 


So, I am not silent on DevArt any more—I am (sort of) back.  The first pic should be tonight or tomorrow.
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