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Valentine's Day Massacre by Seleneboxer
Valentine's Day Massacre

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I do have a couple more pictures.  The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre is well known—and this was a beating worthy of it. Liz dominated Tara, and could have finished her in the third or fourth round.  But, she didn’t; she took her time pummeling the smaller girl, finally knocking her out in the 7th.  Liz does like to lay on the hurt, and insure that her opponent never forgets the fight, and she accomplished that for sure!  She especially likes pounding faces, but has no hesitation to punch a hard stomach or firm chest.


Now the fight is over, and the two have the locker room to themselves, and they are talking about the fight, laughing…clearly, Tara doesn’t resent the brutal beating.  If things go further, this could be a fight they remember on Valentine’s Day, for more than just the pounding.  Massacre, and perhaps budding love?
After The Fight: Valentine's Day by Seleneboxer
After The Fight: Valentine's Day

Chrissy and I have beat the crap out of each other for 4 rounds, by which time she’d taken control of the fight.  Another 2 rounds, and she’s reduced me to a self-propelled heavy bag.  I fought on for another 4 rounds—if absorbing a wide variety of painful blows can be called “fighting.”  Might call this the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.)


But the bright, vivacious lass has finally stopped throwing progressively lighter punches—blows designed to prolong the pain—and knocked me clean out with a perfect uppercut to my unprotected jaw.


As sweet after the fight as she was brutal during the fight, it’s time for a tender moment in the deserted gym.  She is a sweetie…and it's Valentine's Day


Chrissy belongs to , and is playing here with his permission.  So far, she’s the only fighter in my Deviant Art Fighters I’d Like to Fight that’s smaller and lighter than me.


(She is vicious in the ring—but on the other hand, her opponent chose to get in the ring—and in this case, knows what she’s like.  And there’s always the option of giving up—no one HAS to take the sadistic beatings she likes to give out.  This isn’t the first time I’ve fought her, nor will it be the last.)

I plan to post a few tender moments pics over the next few days--though they will often include "tenderized moments"

Tara nails Liz by Seleneboxer
Tara nails Liz

Tara and Liz are having their long awaited rematch, and Tara knows now (she should have known the first time) that Liz is too big and strong for her to beat by trading punches—and too tall for her to use her slight speed advantage to get inside before taking one of her brutally powerful rights clean in the face.  Last fight, Liz was unmarked, and Tara was a MESS, so Tara’s trying a different approach—raw pain.  A hard punch THERE—and Tara hits both fast and hard—HURTS.  But can she land enough there to give her a chance to win?

(I didn’t get the series complete before losing my previous computer, but some of the pics are, I hope, worth posing anyway.)


United States
Current Residence: The Boxing Ring
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Last Muster

In a few days, fittingly on Sunday, December 7, the last reunion for the survivors of USS Arizona will be held at Pearl Harbor. Let us remember that day, and be ready to defend our freedoms from, as the time honored oath states, "all enemies, foreign and domestic." 

And like warriors of old, some will return one last time, to be interred aboard, with their weapons and comrades from dark days long ago.

If the Northern Lights shine at Pearl Harbor that day, worry not; it's just the Valkyries riding by in salute...…

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