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Rose's Warning
Rose owns Rose's Gym, and she's one tough customer.  She also has a mean streak in the ring, though she keeps it on a short leash most of the time.  She just plain LOVES fighting--and not just beating someone up, but likes making her feel the pain.  She knows how to make sure a punch doesn't just do damage, but brings forth a deep, sharp pain from her opponent.  On rare occasions, she'll prolong a fight just so she can let that nasty streak out.  (Or to make her opponent look better--as in bruised and bloody.)

Of course, raw pain is also a legitimate tactic, as an intense enough pain, be it in the nose, the chest, or elsewhere, can destroy a fighter's focus, making it easier to hit her more.

But--that sort of pain and bruises is STRICTLY between boxers, who agreed to a fight--offer violence to anyone outside the ring, and you have unleashed a hurricane.

And--she had a pair of custom boxing trunks made up; she wears these when she's in the gym with a friend who knows what she's like.

Just a random older pic that I never posted
Liz and Tara: Showing off

Once Sarah realized that there was nothing she could do, her “Little” sister and Tara were going to swap leather, she resignedly stepped out of the ring to get rid of her gloves—and double check the first aid kit.  “Tara’s a handful for anyone, but Liz has a foot of height, and gods only know how much weight, knocks people out with either hand, and she’s very good—she's going to beat the shit out of Tara,” she thought.

Liz and Tara, of course, were paying Sarah no mind; rather, they were doing their best to intimidate each other—after all, if you make your opponent think you can beat her, you can.  That, and both of them are easy on the eyes…

What are they saying as they look each other over, both as opponents, and simply appreciating each other’s sheer sensual beauty, matched with power?  Whatever they’re saying, they know that the next few minutes are going to hurt—all is right with the world…
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United States
Current Residence: The Boxing Ring
Favourite cartoon character: Wonder Woman
Once again religious fanatics murder innocent people, this time in Paris, France. 

May the goddesses and gods look after the souls of the dead, and speed the healing of the injured.
Today, we need to mourn the dead and maimed, and tomorrow, we need to start dealing with the terrorists.  Islamic terrorists that kill for their god, a christian that assaults someone because he or she is gay or a Wiccan, they need to be dealt with.

In my mind, there are two kinds of terrorists, those that have been suitable dealt with, and those that are still alive.  It is not time for the gentleness that some urge--it is time for Odin's spear, Freyja's sword, and the Valkyries.  I hope that the Northern Lights shine over terrorist camps worldwide--the light of the Valkyrie's armor shining in the darkness.

I say ENOUGH!  Freyja, unleash your Valkyries, please!
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  • Watching: Gettysburg
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